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Reviewed by: auntie_angela on: 2019/7/17 15:31:06
I can’t find any information on where you will deliver, AT ALL Can you help me out here? I live on S Water St on same street as shell and bones restaurant. Practically few minutes over Kimberly ave bridge. Now I’ll find out if my question is seen. Thanx, Ang Perillo
Reviewed by: jamacangirl on: 2019/1/29 14:30:20
The prices are wrong.
Reviewed by: shookithh on: 2018/5/11 21:53:36
Alright because I know I'm not the only one but, who else thinks that that guy at the cash register with the really nice tattoos is extremely hot! They need to give him a promotion or something because I've been going back to this restaurant just to see him!
Reviewed by: gforeman39 on: 2016-08-14
Better ask for a fork or spoon or chopsticks or something, because they won"t give you ANYTHING to eat with.
Reviewed by: lizziebrownn on: 2016-02-20
My favorite place to stop by! Best in town no doubt. Their general taos chicken is oh so delicious!
Reviewed by: piccirillon on: 2015-09-24
OMG the worst food i had ever eaten ,,The pu pu platter was deep fried and had as a rock ..Tossed it all in the trash ..Lesson Learned
Reviewed by: piccirillon on: 2015-09-24
OMG the worst food i had ever eaten ,,The pu pu platter was deep fried and had as a rock ..Tossed it all in the trash ..Lesson Learned
Reviewed by: BillyJoeChing on: 2015-02-28
Hi can I order bacon been chicken meng guya and a side order of fish tacos to Chris' house soon now thank you
Reviewed by: shiannearlene on: 2015-01-11
Hi my name is shianne my address is 94 Thomas street westhaven ct 1st floor I want to order pork fried rice n fried shrimp extra tarter sauce please n thing of chick wings
Reviewed by: chris3267 on: 2014-12-25
I have loved Bao's food many,many years. Best Chinese food in West Haven,by far
Reviewed by: lizziebrownn on: 2014-12-16
I love chinese food and this place has the best general tso chicken! My absolute favorite for a family night when I get too lazy to cook. Thank you!
Reviewed by: davidyuperez on: 2014-11-21
Love their food:)
Reviewed by: cbrelsford on: 2011-10-14
I have a pretty stanard order, one day I forgot to order one item, Ming recognized the address and realized that the one item was missing from the order so he brought the item I had never to ordered that night. Now that is going above and beyond for your patrons. BAOS is the best, fresh, friendly, fast and so curteous.
Reviewed by: tinaclinton86 on: 2011-10-13
we ordered catering for my mother's birthday last sunday, all the guest loved Bao,s food. they're so fresh, and so delicious.I would highly recommend to you. BAOs kitchen is the best chinese restaurant in west haven.
Reviewed by: chkali152 on: 2011-10-13
I love Baos, It's my second home.Fresh, frendly,fast.
Reviewed by: lingzhou on: 2011-10-10
Reviewed by: akmeglin on: 2011-09-24
We drive 20 minutes to Baos because Baos is the BEST! Connie & Ming have become like family. I have been coming to Baos for 20 years! The BEST chinese anywhere! Worth a drive! My husband never liked Beef Teriyaki until he tried Mings! The Best!!! Love them!
Reviewed by: cmeglin on: 2011-09-24
My wife and I drive 20 minutes to get to bao's when ever we want chinese . Its the only chinese resturant we will ever use again the food and service is unmatched anywhere . This includes there catering witch we have also used
Reviewed by: lingzhou on: 2011-09-23
the best family owned Chinese restaurant in chico! the chef and the staff provide great service and the food is always top notch. although mu-shu is my favorite dish, i must say everything i have tired rank high in quality and taste. i love to recommend this restaurant because i know it does not disappoint.
Reviewed by: starstarlily on: 2011-08-20
I'd also like to add: Bao's is the best in town. They've gained fame over the years. And their price-ing is also why our family always orders at BAO's KITCHEN.
Reviewed by: starstarlily on: 2011-08-20
Bao's is the BEST! They really know how to cook! Has excellence for many years, and still going. They received many awards, which to me is not surprising. B is for Bao's and for Best!!!
Reviewed by: mary c. on: 2005-11-03
this is the only one we go to.The food is fresh.they give you plenty of food.You can pick up or have it delivered.They have a small section you can eat in there..Its A++++ they are well know in west haven,If you ask anyone for chinesse ...?
Reviewed by: A TripAdvisor Member on: 2008-03-20
We have been ordering from Baos for many years and had always been pleased with the quality of food and delivery service. The past several times we ordered the service and quality have been inconsistent such as not quite getting what we ...?
Reviewed by: brittany m. on: 2009-09-06
Baos is by far the best chinese around. they have never gotten an order wrong. the food is so good. i once called at 12 at night they had closed at 11:30 and only the owner was there, he prepared the order and delivered it to me himself ...?